What is the default router passwords list?

default router passwordsA router is the most commonly used network device when it comes to accessing the internet. Internet Service Providers or ISPs often provide connectivity to their users through the installation of routers. It transmits internet signals over a specific frequency, usually 2.4GHz or 5GHz. These signals are then received by compatible devices that have standard connectivity tools installed. While this connectivity is through Wi-Fi in most cases, users can also connect to the router using Ethernet cables.

What are router passwords?

Routers are a source of connecting to the internet and are therefore a potential access point to a lot of information that you may want to keep private. To ensure that, every router comes with a security software that is protected with a password. While this password can be any random string of characters that a user wants, there are certain defaults that are set for the ease of access. This allows the users to easily configure their routers to their own specific requirements in terms of security and connectivity.

Using router passwords

Every router comes with a default IP address that, when accessed through a web browser, takes the user to a console where all the router settings can be accessed. To change any of these settings it is necessary to know the password as these settings are of sensitive nature and manufacturers want the users to be well aware of what they are doing. While it is possible in some cases that your internet vendor has changed the default password to a custom one, it is usually kept to its default value by most suppliers.

Passwords list

In case you want to find out what the default password for your specific router is, we have created this short list of manufacturers with the login and password details of their devices.

Modem BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

Router Functions

By accessing the router, you can perform a number of different tasks regarding the privacy and security of your local network. You can set a password for your internet using either WEP or WPA protocols, apply static IP address requirement to your connected devices, monitor traffic etc. However, the  most common use of accessing the router console is to reset the network settings when users forget the password to their network.

Hard reset

In case you need to reset the network, you can go to the settings menu in your router console and reset the settings to return all values to default. However, there are some cases where this doesn’t solve the problem or the user is simply unable to access the console itself. To overcome this issue, the manufacturers have a hard reset button built into their routers which if pushed can reset it to the default settings and erasing all internet settings.