Keeping a wireless network secure with your internet connection secure is very important for a lot of different reasons. Whether it is to protect your private data that you are sharing across the network or you are simply trying to stop your neighbor from leeching your connection, there is always a reason for you to secure your wireless network. While leaving your network open to public access can cause issues, it must be known that making it secure is actually quite easy. With proper knowledge of the option that you have for increasing security, you can easily make you wireless network intruder proof. Some of the methods that you can use to make your wireless network more secure have been discussed here.

Accessing the console

The very first step is to access the console of your wireless network. This is basically the software that governs your router. For most users, it can be accessed by entering in their web browsers. However, depending on the manufacturer of your router, you will need to use a different IP address to access the console. You can easily find out this address as most routers have this information written underneath them.

Enabling password encryption

A very simple way of making your network secure is by implementing a password on it. This option can be found in the wireless settings of your router console. It is highly advised that you should avoid using passwords that are common and easy for people to guess. Having a long alphanumeric password with randomly placed numbers and alphabets is the most appropriate way of doing it.

Enable MAC Filtering

This is a more advanced security measure. Each Wi-Fi enabled device has its own unique MAC address that is used to identify that device over a network. Most Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks use this system for device identification. By enabling MAC filtering, you can essentially choose what devices to allow the use of your network manually. However, this will require knowledge of the MAC addresses of each of the devices that you want to allow which can be tedious for some people.

Disable SSID broadcasting

Service Set Identifier or SSID is the unique name that identifies a specific wireless local area network. This is basically the name that comes when a person searches for nearby Wi-Fi devices through their mobile/tablet/laptop etc. In the router console, you have the option to disable the broadcasting of your SSID which essentially makes your network connection invisible during searches. Only the user aware of this name can manually add it to their network list if they want to connect to it. The name can be set to anything which gives you the freedom to keep it unique and avoid successful guessing by unwanted users.

Monitoring Software

In addition to the methods listed above, there are some software as well that allow you to see who is accessing your internet connection. Apps like Who’s On My Wifi allow users to monitor the traffic on their local network and determine if they need to implement better security measures for their wireless internet connection.