How to resolve IP address problems?

An internet protocol address or an IP address is a unique identification address that helps in locating a specific device in a network. For every network, there is a default IP address which is assigned to the router that is broadcasting that network. This acts as a gateway and is not available for use to any other devices. However, to every other device that is connected to that router, there is a specific address assigned that helps in identifying the locations of queries that arise from each device. This is how the network figures out what information is received from where and is to be sent to which device respectively. However, there are times when a network may have problems in the IP addresses that are available for use. These problems have been discussed here.

IP address problems

IP address conflict

This problem occurs mostly in networks where the administrator of the network has enabled static IP address. In automatic mode, the router automatically assigns IP to each device and therefore is aware of the IP addresses that are available. However, in static mode, the users themselves assign the IP address and can sometimes use the same IP for two different devices. This causes a conflict of IP and results in the lack of access to the internet for both devices.

Resolving IP conflict

To resolve the problem mentioned above, the user can either enter a different IP address for their new device or discharge the previous devices from the network and free the IP address itself. Another option can also be to switch back to automatic mode and let the router be responsible for assigning the IPs to each device that is connecting to the network. While this may be a more commonly seen practice in homes, it is usually not seen in offices as having static IP addresses allows the administrator to have more control over the network.

Router IP problem

Sometimes the router’s default IP address starts to cause problems and makes it impossible for the user to fix the problem. This is because the address itself is the only way to the router console and with that being blocked, the issue cannot be fixed through the console. To deal with the chance of such a scenario occurring, the manufacturers install a manual reset button in their routers. This button is usually found at the back of the router and isn’t easily accessible. It is usually hidden within the body and has to be pushed with the help of a pin etc. The reason for keeping it hidden is that if the router is reset, the user ends up losing their internet connectivity settings and needs to reinstall them from scratch.

Keeping things in check

To avoid facing issues, it is highly advised that the users learn the settings of their router console properly and be well aware of the options they can set on their specific router models. This practice not only helps in making the network more secure, it also enables users to solve commonly occurring IP problems themselves. They no longer have to wait for internet service providers to come and fix the problem for them.